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Flyin' ​Lion Transition to Employment Prog​ram

Offering hope in the form of career-readiness training to persons economically challenged or differently able.

Our Mission

Flyin' Lion Ministries seeks to improve quality of life for our neighbors in the North Mecklenburg community by providing help toward sustainable 

employment and upward mobility. Our goal is to create an accepting and encouraging community that will enhance the talents and skills of persons who have limited resources due to cultural isolation, domestic violence, homelessness or poverty, or whose employment opportunities have been limited due to developmental or other challenges. 

Our History

Flyin' Lion Ministries was born when parishioners of St. Mark's Episcopal Church who had culinary experience and felt the call to love their neighbors, were made aware of an employability gap for certain vulnerable members of our community which kept them from opportunities to improve their futures. Moved by the Holy Spirit, these parishioners sought to start a program that would fulfill several of the challenging calls that Jesus laid before his followers: 

  • Love thy neighbor

  • Welcome the stranger

  • Feed my sheep

  • Live a life that shows the love of God

To this end, they created Flyin' Lion Ministries to open the church's kitchen space to members of the community in need of a helping hand to improve their employability by providing them requisite skills for positions in the culinary industry. Our doors are open to all those with a need and desire to participate, regardless of their religious beliefs, just as all individuals are God's people regardless of their faith.

The Pro​gram

Chef-lead Instruction

Our students will learn to produce high-quality baked goods as they receive instruction in all the basic food handling and food preparation techniques.

ServSafe Certification

Upon successful completion of the ServSafe® course and exam, and receipt of their certificate, graduates of the Flyin’ Lion program will be attractive candidates for employment in the Food Service Industry. 

Career Services

The program will equip our students with the skills necessary to apply for and maintain employment. Through community partnerships, we will assist our students in finding  positions in local restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, cafés and with caterers.

The Team​

The idea to establish a teaching ministry was born in 2016. In the five years following, the scope of the ministry has taken form, a kitchen has been built, and a dream has become a reality. Although it was spearheaded by a few people, it has captivated the hearts and minds of the entire congregation of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and everyone is involved. We are a community of people who seek to fulfill the commandment to love God with our whole hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Are you interested?

This is a program that only exists and thrives because of the many hands and hearts that support it, both in the church and in the community. We are always seeking partners in ministry, either as referral sources for students, potential employers, outlets for our products, or as community volunteers. If our mission speaks to you, please contact us to see how you might become part of an opportunity to change lives.

Chef Sue Bartlett

Get in touch!


8600 Mount Holly-Huntersville Rd

Huntersville, NC 28078


(704) 399-5193


Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

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