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About Our Program

Course Schedule

The Flyin’ Lion Transition to Employment Program is eight

weeks long, Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 4pm, and covers the information and skills needed for entry into the Food Service Industry:

Weeks 1-4

I. Food Handling, Food Safety, and Sanitation

II. Use and care of commercial grade equipment and hand tools

III. Knife skills

IV. Kitchen vocabulary, weights, measures, equivalencies, and how to read and scale recipes

V. Basic cooking techniques

VI. Basic baking techniques

VII. Dining Room Service

Weeks 5-8

I. ServSafe® Food Managers Course completion

II. Professional Development, resume writing, application process, and interview skills

III. Computer Skills

IV. Pie Production, product packaging and labeling for sale to the public

V. Specialty Cookie Production, product packaging and labeling for sale to the public


At the completion of the program, our students will be prepared to seek, obtain and maintain successful employment as Food Service Workers.


We provide uniforms, daily lunch, and the opportunity to earn a small stipend for working with the Flyin’ Lion sales team outside of class hours. We also offer assistance with transportation when needed and access to clothing for interviews.

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